With teaching experience at three Boston-area universities, I have honed curriculums in health policy, management, and law. In addition, I have lectured on bioethics and its increasing complexities as new medical technologies emerge. I am able to work with students with varying backgrounds and expertise using real life scenarios and interactive learning practices. My legal and medical training combined with strong interpersonal skills have made me a highly effective and productive educator. 

Healthcare Consulting

With clinical experience in academic, private, and community hospitals, I have an understanding of the needs of both private practice and tertiary care centers. I offer advising for hospitals looking to improve their patient safety practices, and trainings for risk management in the healthcare system.

With my legal background, I am well-equipped to advise companies with medical legal issues and can provide institutional systems analysis. I have worked with companies ranging from large multinational corporations to start ups to help improve the quality of healthcare they provide. 

Business Consulting

Having founded a radiology benefits management company, NEI, in 1997, I have experience in raising capital and leading companies in emerging markets through the early stages of their development.  Working as a senior medical advisor, I offer insights into how startups, companies, and hospitals can improve their patient satisfaction and quality of care. 

Risk Management/Trial Strategy

After graduating from law school, I was hired as Risk Manager for the Rhode Island JUA, the statewide medical malpractice insurer.  Since then, I have worked as an expert witness on dozens of medical malpractice cases. I offer witness preparation services for medical professionals. 

Freelance Writing

My blog includes posts on big data analytics, cost strategies in healthcare, the intersection of behavioral economics and healthcare, healthcare innovation, and pharma/medical device topics. I have both the theoretical framework and clinical practice to connect popular ideas in healthcare with the practical implications in hospitals and private practices.